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      Hope at the Inn

      Hope at the Inn is a faith-based emergency homeless shelter new to Delta County this winter. With the help of over 20 local churches, the Salvation Army is able to provide two meals and a warm bed for up to 15 guests each night.

      Open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., the shelter rotates between seven locations, staying at each one for a week at a time.

      â??Itâ??s just awesome to see all these churches working together, coming together to try and help people in need in the community,â?? said Hope at the Inn chair member, Roger Good.

      As word of the shelter gets out, and temperatures drop, the staff sees an increase in the number of people who need a warm place to sleep.

      â??We started off small, about two or three, but the last two weeks weâ??ve had up to six guests,â?? Good said.

      In just one week, it takes about 50 volunteers to make Hope at the Inn possible.

      â??Itâ??s very rewarding,â?? said shelter volunteer Dave Beck. â??I never anticipated working in a homeless shelter. But realizing that there are people out there who are using this system, it's amazing to me.â??

      One Hope at the Inn guest that I spoke with says he plans to show his appreciation by volunteering at the shelter once he is back on his feet.

      To ensure the safety of both the guests and volunteers, a few precautionary measures are taken. Before entry, a screening of all guests is performed. They must also pass a breathalyzer and have their person and belongings checked.

      One guest does not feel these steps are necessary now, but understands as the shelter grows, it will become an important step.

      Since it began, Hope at the Inn has provided 200 warm beds to community members in need, and plans are already in the making for next year.

      Fore more information, transportation arrangements, and Hope at the Innâ??s current location, visit their website or call (906) 280-6779.