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      Hope for Russian adoptions?

      Martin and Margo Matthews welcomed two girls into their home that they adopted from Russia, thanks to help from Lutheran Social Services.

      "They're our childrenâ?|they love us. They're our family," said Martin.

      But changes in adoption laws may keep others from becoming a family like the Matthews. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning American adoption of Russian children.

      "We have a couple of families who are caught up in the middle," explained Carry Wiesen of Lutheran Social Services. "They've already been there to see their kids, and we're waiting for an explanation to know if they can go back and complete the adoption."

      Heart complications restricted Margo from having kids so the couple turned to adoption. They say their two girls were the missing piece to their family puzzle.

      "We have always told them they are from Russia and we kid them about it a little bit, but outside of that it's not anything different than any other family," said Martin.

      They have sympathy for the families and children who may never have a chance to create a family.

      Christina, who was adopted by the Matthews at 10 years old, said it changed her life and calls herself "one of the lucky ones."

      "Iâ??ve been in that situation and itâ??s not really a great life to have," insisted Christina. "I know not all of the kids will get adopted, but itâ??s good to have hope."