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      Hope for the homeless in Delta County

      Hope. That is what the Salvation Army and seven local churches are offering to those in need of a homeless shelter. It opened in December, and organizers are reaching out to the community to help make it happen. Two meals per day, a hygiene kit, transportation, and a safe place to sleep. It's what homeless residents of Delta County will receive when staying at Hope at the Inn. It's a faith-based, rotating emergency homeless shelter run on donations, church funding, and volunteer hours.

      "The situation with funding for housing people that are homeless, that money is drying up. And that's why we kind of went to the community, and what better place to do that is at our local churches," said Roger Good, a committee member at Hope at the Inn.

      Hope at the Inn opened its doors December 1, and organizers are trying to secure residents willing to dedicate the more than 300 volunteer hours needed to make it happen.

      "We know that last year over 500 individuals appeared at one of our social service agencies, you know, saying that they were homeless. And what we don't know is how many folks that are uncounted," said Hope at the Inn committee member, Deb Trombly.

      "We'd have a lot of homeless coming through the emergency room where I worked, and it's really sad, you know? It's very, very sad. There's a lot of homeless in the U.P.," said volunteer, Mandy Larson.

      The shelters are open to adults only, and motel vouchers will be available for families with children.

      For more information on Hope at the Inn locations and how to volunteer, click here.