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      Horse neglect case has new twist

      New evidence in the case against two women charged with animal abuse for the mistreatment of more than 60 animals. A sentencing hearing for Joan and Kathy Khoury was adjourned Thursday after the court was presented with pictures of them dressed up as a judge and a prisoner this past weekend. Residents, along with the the prosecutor, described the pictures as inappropriate.

      "It (the pictures displayed) shows, in my view of it, complete contempt for the matters which were brought before this court as well as for the court proceedings," said Dickinson County Prosecuting Attorney, Carl Downing.

      "They obviously feel absolutely no remorse after what their actions have shown here in this picture, which makes a mockery of the Upper Peninsula's court system," said Carrie Cramer of Piper's Rescue Ranch. The two women face animal neglect charges for 30 severely emaciated horses along with two dozen neglected cats and dogs. Sentencing has been pushed to Monday November 12.