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      Horse show kicks off for eighth year

      Sunday was the last day of the Upper Peninsula Horseman's Association kick-off summer horse show at the Marquette County Fairgrounds.

      Throughout the three day show over 120 riders and their horses participated in various competitions. On Sunday riders competed in speed classes where they had to move in, out, and around barrels for the fastest time.

      The event is a fundraiser for the Great Lakes Rodeo and the Posse 4-H Club.

      Each year they raise around $2,000 and over the past seven years, $17,000 has been donated back to the youth program.

      "It teaches them responsibility. It teaches them competition. I just think all around it's a great event. It's just like any other sporting activity. These kids just choose to ride horses instead of dribbling a basketball or hit a baseball," said Jesie Melchiori, Great Lakes Rodeo president.

      The Great Lakes Rodeo will be held June 14 through June 16 at the Marquette County Fairgrounds and this year the show will be even bigger with changes to the stock contractor and a new announcer.