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      Hospital seeks volunteers

      The gift shop is a place not often thought about when you think of a hospital, but is just as vital to helping patients, and the one at Marquette General Hospital is now the one in need of help and is turning to the community.

      Their store, Hospitality Gifts, is in need of volunteers to fill two four-hour shifts on Tuesdays and Friday. All proceeds made by the gift shop, above what's needed for upkeep, is donated to the Beacon House and Hospitality Room.

      "We absolutely couldn't survive without the wonderful volunteers," said Hospitality House CEO Mary Tavernini Dowling. "Not only do they bring their wonderful personalities and all the joy with them, but they help us to raise more money for services that we donate to by us not having to pay employees to fill those shifts."

      For more information on how to help, call (906) 225-3278 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and ask for Jennifer.