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      Hospitals give donation to Tech Mobile Clinic project

      The Upper Peninsula Health Care Network has given a donation to Michigan Tech's Mobile Wellness Systems project for their efforts in Ghana.

      The UPHCN is a network of 13 hospitals in the Upper Peninsula. A donation of $4000 was given to the project for medical equipment and supplies.

      Undergraduate students at Michigan Tech designed and built a mobile medical van to assist the people in Ghana who have limited health care and diagnostic opportunities. Both the students and hospital officials are pleased with the partnership.

      "We started with trying to get funding, also trying to get medical equipment,â?? said biomedical and mechanical engineering student, Erik Wachlin. â??As well, we have to move forward with the design and the internals and everything. So, finally everything is coming together at this point in time."

      "We have gone from local providers of care to international over night with the collaborative effort with the students from Michigan Tech," said regional CEO of Aspirus, Chuck Nelson.

      The mobile medical van will be on its way to Ghana in May.