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      Hot and stormy Sunday forecast

      There is less than one month of summer left before the fall equinox, and this upcoming week may see some of the warmest temperatures of the season. As of Saturday morning, there have been only five days in August with highs of 80 degrees or higher. We're about to get several more.

      Those people making their way to Harbor Fest on Saturday are in for some great weather, but that may not be the case for Sunday.

      Saturday will be warm, but only 10 degrees or less above average. Most highs will be in the low 80s, but some highs will only be in the 70s near Lake Michigan thanks to that same south wind that is giving us all this heat. Conditions will be breezy under mostly sunny skies.

      Saturday night, more clouds roll in from the west with a chance for rain late over the far western U.P. Rain and thundershowers are most likely overnight after midnight and should last through morning. With that persisting south wind, lows will only fall into the 60s or possibly low 70s.

      On Sunday, things really heat up under that strong south wind. Highs will likely be in the 80s all around with the possibility of 90 or higher away from Lake Michigan. To pile it on, dew points will be in the upper 60s to around 70. That means it will be very humid.

      Signs of our approaching heat are already evident in Wisconsin through to the Dakotas where there are Heat Advisories in effect.

      Scattered thunderstorms are likely for the whole U.P. on Sunday, some of which may be severe.

      Sunday night, storms are likely to linger, but will probably break up a bit until they continue on Monday. Lows will be warm near 70 for much of the U.P.

      Monday will also be warm and stormy. Highs will again mainly be in the 80s, but storms are more likely at night with smaller amounts of rain in the daytime. Tuesday also has a chance for storms. The second half of the week looks less warm, but still above average for late August.

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