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      Houghton construction coming soon

      Houghton's landmark Portage Lift Bridge

      The City of Houghton has some construction projects planned for this summer.

      The Houghton City Council members met to discuss parking deck renovations on Thursday. Houghton City Manager Scott MacInnes says the main downtown parking deck is more than 30 years old, and the cables need to be checked, and patch work needs to be done on the deck's surface.

      New parapet walls will also be placed around the second level of the deck. The estimated cost of the renovation is $1.5 million, and this project is expected to be completed next summer.

      The council also discussed sewer construction.

      "We've got a $4.2 million water and sewer project that we're going to be doing this summer and next summer," said MacInnes. "It'll be in the older parts of town where we're going to be replacing water and sewer main."

      MacInnes also said the city's master plan will be finalized by July.

      The next city council meeting will be on May 23.