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      Houghton County officials remark on 'ice tsunami'

      Houghton County officials remarked on the so-called â??ice tsunamiâ?? on Traverse Bay saying they are still working to find if relief may be available to homeowners if necessary.

      About a half dozen houses on Big Traverse Bay Road had ice encroach on the property this week. According to witness reports, the ice shove moved onto land in about a half an hour.

      County officials say because the ice shove did little damage to residences aside from a few small structures, and it is unknown if relief will be available yet. They say they will continue to keep an eye on the situation but don't expect it to get any worse.

      â??I think that we're going to have ice there to cool your beverages and to put in your coolers until the end of June, I bet,â?? said Houghton County emergency manager, Jack Dueweke. â??I mean, that's a lot of ice! And there's really nothing that you're going to do with it.â??

      County officials say there isn't much that can be done about the ice shove now. They say there would have been no way of stopping it at the time, either.