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      Houghton eatery and Michigan Tech frat team up

      Joey's Seafood and Grill in Houghton is, once again, teaming up with brothers from Michigan Tech's Triangle Fraternity to raise money to support the community.

      The event is Tuesday, and this time the money is being donated to the Houghton Police and Fire Departments. After the fire at Heritage Manor last summer, a larger portion of the funds used by the police and firefighters was depleted. To donate, just mention the fundraiser to the cashier, and 20 percent of each receipt will be donated.

      "A lot of people kind of look down on Greek life this day and age, so it's nice to see so many fraternities and sororities actually putting work back into the community," said Triangle Fraternity Brother, Eric Rinkus.

      The fundraiser runs all day. In the fall, the fraternity raised about $800 for the residents at Heritage Manor after a fire destroyed many of the rooms.