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      Houghton miner statue dressed in costumes

      A well-known statue in Houghton occasionally gets a new wardrobe.

      The miner statue that stands between Shelden and Montezuma Avenues is outfitted in costumes at different times of the year. The miner has been spotted in a Fred Flintstone costume and as a man searching for work, among others.

      The Houghton Police Department says people seem to enjoy the miner's various outfits, and they allow the miner to be dressed as long as the costumes stay appropriate.

      â??We don't necessarily give people permission, but you know what, most times it's tasteful. I see a Santa Claus suit or a bunny rabbit suit for Easter. If it starts going over the boundaries, then we've got to put a stop to it,â?? said Lt. Nick Roberts.

      Although Roberts says the Houghton Police Department doesn't mind the miner being dressed up, he says they cannot give anyone permission to do so.

      The miner has been an historic piece of Houghton since 1979 and was constructed as a tribute to the miners who established the city.