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      Houghton Police remind motorists to be careful

      A new year means new goals, and Houghton Police are asking you to make the resolution to drive safely in the snow.

      We've heard it all before, but car accidents increase this time of year and are the leading cause of death among 18 to 24 year olds. Making sure you know how to handle your vehicle and having the proper tires are important. The Houghton Police say to be cautious when driving, even with all wheel drive. The most vital thing is to slow down when necessary.

      "A speed limit sign that's 30 sometimes can be way too fast. We recommend to people that they have to drive at a speed that is safe enough to keep their vehicle under control no matter what the road surfaces may be," said Houghton Chief of Police, John Donnelly.

      Along with slowing down, the Houghton Police say to allow yourself three times the amount of space between the car in front of you than you would in normal driving conditions.