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      Houghton Police remind residents of parking ordinances

      Houghton City Police are reminding city residents to park only in their driveways or backyards, not in front or side lawns as it is against city ordinances.

      This is not a new ordinance, but police remind residents each summer as parking in lawns becomes more prevalent. The ordinance is only within Houghton city limits and applies to visitors of the city as well.

      A ticket for each car will be $10. City police say they are not intending to hand out many citations, but ask that residents abide by the zoning rules set by the city.

      "It's an easement so if we have to get to utilities and things like that, we're not going to be able to get to them with people using them as their driveways," explains Lt Nick Roberts of the Houghton Police Department.

      Again, parking is allowed only in driveways and backyards, and not in front or side lawns.