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      House committee hears testimony regarding game species bill

      The Natural Resources Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives met on Tuesday to hear testimony regarding a bill recently passed in the Senate concerning a possible wolf hunt.

      Senate Bill 288, sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson (R), passed the Michigan Senate last week. The bill would allow the Natural Resources Commission greater control over the game species process in Michigan, allowing them to add to a list of game species without legislative approval.

      Senator Casperson spoke to the House committee on Tuesday, stating his case regarding the bill. Several other people testified on both sides of the proposed bill before the committee took a recess at around noon.

      Opponents of the proposed bill expressed concerns that the bill would take away the voice of the voters, allowing the NRC to control the list of game species without input from the people. Supporters of the bill want the process of game species to be governed scientifically, and allowing the NRC to control the list would aid in that process.

      The committee had to postpone further testimony for a scheduled session of the House of Representatives, but planned to meet again later on Tuesday to continue testimony.

      The Upper Peninsula has several representatives on the Natural Resources Committee, including Representatives Kivela (D), Dianda (D), and McBroom (R).