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      Houses decked out in holiday cheer

      Some homeowners are now winners in the Marquette Board of Light and Power's Christmas lights competition. Three sets of senior citizens in their 80s are among the best. This year was not their first competition.

      Tis the season to the deck halls, and many houses are brightly decked out with Christmas spirit.

      Off of US-41 across Midway Drive, you can't miss the elaborate display with at least 10,000 lights. Eighty-year-old Bernice Anderson spends weeks setting it up. On one side you will see holiday characters, on the other, the nativity scene.

      Anderson has been lighting up her house with Christmas cheer for around 30 years. Her collection has grown every year.

      "It's a Christmas card, and you would be surprised at the people that ask me, 'Bernice, when are you going to put up your lights? We are waiting for them to go up. That's our main focus when we drive by your house. We look for it.' So that's what it's all about," said Anderson.

      On High Street in Marquette, you will find somewhat a smaller display, but full of creativity. It's the creative work of Joe Drobney. Every year he puts out his 1931 Ford Model A pickup, and driving it is none other than Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer himself.

      "The kids, they love it. Even the grown-ups, they always tell me about it and the weather starts getting colder. They say, 'When are you going to put the car out there again?' So I don't know, I just love it," said Drobney.

      He says it took him a couple of days to get together, but he loves to do it.

      Finally, we have the work of Carl St. Onge. His jolly house is off of County Road 480. He is Bernice's brother, so you may think it's a family tradition, however, he started decorating his house about ten years ago. He says he has a pole to help him when it comes to hanging lights in trees.

      "We keep putting them up as long as I'm healthy enough. I keep putting up the same same lights," said St. Onge.

      They have all had to use multiple circuits to power the displays. With so many lights, you might wonder how their electric bill looks. Some say it's not much--an increase of around 50 bucks, but they say it's worth it.

      For them, it's about spreading the joy of the holidays.