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      Housing Commission updates fire victims

      The Houghton Housing Commission updated fire victims about the current condition of their apartment complex on Monday.The Houghton Housing Commission said there is extensive fire and water damage to the assisted living building, but their main concern is making sure all 41 residents have a place to stay.A structural engineer will look at the building Tuesday afternoon which will determine when residents will be allowed to retrieve their belongings."Personally, I do not want to take the responsibility of having anybody go through there, falling, slipping, hurting themselves. I would appreciate people being a little patient to give us time to get somewhat organized," said Houghton Housing Commission President James Gentry.Residents were told all of the wiring on the fifth floor has to be checked, and adding a sprinkler system will be addressed.The Houghton Housing Commission says it will take a few months before all residents can move back into their apartments.

      During the meeting, residents thanked firefighters, volunteers, and Michigan Tech for their generosity. Residents also thanked the community for sending in donations.

      Another meeting will be held at Wadsworth Hall in room G-41 for all Heritage Manor residents, Tuesday at 11 a.m.

      If you're interested in donating to the fire victims, items can be dropped off or mailed to the City Center located downtown Houghton. Checks can be made out to the Houghton Housing Commission.

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