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      How about adding skijoring to your winter sports activities?

      When most people think of winter activities, skiing or snowshoeing may come to mind, but there's one winter sport that is becoming more popular in the U.P.

      Skijoring. It's a simple sport that can easily be explained as cross country skiing hooked up to one or two of your dogs.

      It's best for active dogs around 40 pounds.

      If you already own a pair of skis, then the materials are inexpensive. You will need a pulling harness, a skijore line, and a belt to hook up to your dog.

      The Noquemanon Trail Network has trails specifically labeled for skijoring.

      Lindsay Demers has been skijoring for three years with her 12 dogs. She says it's fun and great exercise for you and the dog.

      "I love skijoring. I have a handful of dogs just for skijoring alone. They get trained all year long in the summer and the winter. In the summertime, we do carting and bikejoring with the dogs," said Demure.

      On Sunday, January 27, the Noquemanon Trail Network is holding the Second Annual Animoosh Skijor 12k for competitive skijorers. It takes place the day after the Noquemanon Ski Marathon.

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