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      How are AAA gas prices reported?

      Every week, AAA Michigan reports on the average gas prices found in the state. Every week, questions are raised as to how they get these prices and how they determine what cities are reported on.

      Nancy Cain of Michigan AAA took time to explain how the reports are put together and why only certain cities are noted each week.

      According to Cain, there are actually thousands of reporting gas stations in Michigan, including hundreds across the Upper Peninsula. Gas prices are recorded by an independent firm contracted by AAA, getting the gas price directly through the credit card system.

      This information is passed along to AAA, so they can compile the average prices in a certain area.

      So, why does Marquette get a report every week, while other communities in the U.P., including such areas as Chatham, Bessemer, Detour, Gaastra and Houghton to name a few, are not mentioned in the weekly report, even though they report daily?

      Nancy went on to explain that due to the large number of gas reports, it's impossible to list each area every week for a statewide report. Therefore, AAA Michigan chose areas that best represent their part of the state.

      Marquette was chosen to represent the Upper Peninsula, just as the other seven locations listed weekly were chosen as representative of their areas. However, anyone looking to find the daily prices in their area can do so on-line. If you log on to , click on the fuel price finder. There, you can see the daily price as reported in the more than 2,800 stations from across the state.

      If you are planning a trip out of state, prices from across the nation can be found at , and look for the Fuel Price Finder.