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      How are food pantries holding up

      Saint Vincent de Paul food pantries in Marquette County are reporting a stunning shortage of food.

      The food pantry in the City of Marquette feeds approximately 400 families, and officials say the number continues to rise. Last year the pantry spent roughly $11,000 a month on groceries. This year, they're up to $20,000.

      According to the pantry, the increasing number of families in need is mostly because of the sluggish economy.

      "I know many people who are recent addition to our food pantry are rather embarrassed and they shouldn't be," said Laurie Schmit, of St. Vincent de Paul. "They just hit a rough patch in life and there's nothing they can do. We are here to help them get through this rough patch and get them back on their feet."

      While the shelves may be bare now, Saint Vincent does expect a significant increase from the TV6 Canathon. If you would like more information on how to donate, head to our TV6 Canathon page.