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      How are they doing so far?

      Don't worry, they're still rollin'!

      It's been nearly two months since the last time we brought you a story about the Start the Cycle program. It's designed to introduce at-risk teens in the community to mountain biking.

      Start the Cycle participants and volunteers got their bikes in gear and headed out for a practice run on the trails Tuesday.

      "It makes me feel great as a volunteer to help these kids learn how to ride these mountain bikes, and the ultimate goal of riding in the Ore to Shore for these kids is absolutely incredible. Anything we can do to help the community out and help these kids out is a benefit to everyone in the community," said Mark Hall, volunteer and ventor.

      And now, through to the Ore to Shore, the group will be practicing. Practice is held every week on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.

      "It's been fun and hard. Almost all of the hills are uphill. I hate uphills!" said Alixzandria Johnson, a STC participant.

      The group's been hitting numerous Marquette County trails, giving the kids a different backdrop for each ride.

      And they could still use more help, whether you'd like to be a mentor or a volunteer.

      "We're always looking for more people to help us out, especially during the Ore to Shore, because a lot of the people we have volunteering right now are competitive riders, so we are looking for riders that are willing to just kind of hang back and hang out with the kids as they're riding through the race," said Curt Hewitt, Co-Founder of Start the Cycle.

      For more information about becoming a volunteer or about the program, click here.