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      How can Michigan improve higher education?

      Higher education was one of the topics State Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer talked about on Thursday.

      Brewer is on a tour of Upper Michigan talking politics. We spoke with him about the rising cost of higher education and what Governor Rick Snyder should do to make it more affordable.

      "I think the president got it right the other day in the State of the Union, that universities and colleges have to step up and try to restrain tuition increases," said Brewer.

      He says that the state also has to step up after dramatic cuts to the state budget when it comes to aiding higher education.

      "That has to end," Brewer explained. "We have to invest in higher education and we have a surplus in the state budget now, and a great place to put the surplus would be into higher education and K through 12 education. That's really the future for us here in Michigan."