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      How can you help restore Marquette's lighthouse?

      The Marquette Maritime Museum is kicking off a project to restore the Marquette lighthouse, and they need community support.

      The museum is trying to raise about $180,000. The money will be used to replace the roof, repair crumbling bricks, and repaint the lighthouse red.

      There are a few different ways you can sponsor the lighthouse project, and it's based on how much you donate. You could have a personalized brick on the walkway or a step with your name on it.

      "The lighthouse is pretty much the symbol of the city--you'll see it on welcome signs, a lot of businesses use it as logos, and it's really how people identify Marquette with the big red lighthouse, so we want to make sure we can preserve it for the generations to come," said Museum Director Carrie Fries.

      The Maritime Museum received a grant from the National Parks Service that will match donations dollar for dollar. If you're interested in donating, you can stop by the Maritime Museum located on Lakeshore Boulevard.