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      How can you keep your vehicles safe from break-ins?

      Problems you may associate with bigger cities are popping up in Marquette lately, with a string of larcenies from vehicles.

      The Marquette City Police are reminding residents of ways you can reduce the chances of being a victim of theft. They say locking your car doors, not leaving valuables in plain sight and parking in a well lit area are all things you can do to keep the items in your vehicle safer.

      "People are going in to cars when cars are unlocked. Typically around here we don't have people smashing out windows; they are more or less a victim of opportunity where they'll see something on the seat, something on the dash, or something in plain view. They want it and the vehicle's not locked, they go get it," said Det. Lt. Michael Wasie of the Marquette Police Department.

      Detective Wasie also says the vehicle break-ins generally happen late at night or early in the morning. Large parking lots, like at shopping centers, are also popular targets for theft.