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      How could they not notice?

      With the recent news of the missing women in Cleveland and the abused boy in Escanaba, people are wondering, how could the neighbors of the suspects not notice anything?

      Neighbors say they had no idea such horrific things were happening inside the homes of the people they thought they knew.

      All of this leads to the question: how did this happen without anyone noticing anything?

      According to different officials involved in either case, the suspects had psychological control over the victims, which played a major part in keeping the victims hidden away, resulting in the outside of the homes having a "normal" appearance.

      "I think it would be very easy for the neighbors not to know anything because we're all so busy living our lives. We don't always notice what's going on in our neighborhood, unless someone is, like that young girl was, pounding on the door yelling, 'Help! Get me out!' Then you would notice it, but for the most part, I don't think anyone would notice it. Lots of us work all day, and we just don't know what's going on in our neighborhood," said Doriene Lewis, a resident of Marquette.

      Both cases show the public that you can be a hero.

      Officials say if you see anything suspicious, contact police.