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      How do streets get clear so quickly after a winter storm?

      Most citizens are just concerned about seeing the roads free and clear of snow, but there's more to it than that after a winter storm.

      "Ice control is very, very important because once you clear the snow off these roads, they could become very icy," said Chad Hightshoe, Heavy Equipment Operator at the Marquette Public Works Department.

      After the brief warm-up we had, the snow that was on the roads has melted and heavy, wet snow piled on top after our latest winter storm. Once the roads are scraped, we are left with wet pavement, and dropping temperatures mean that wet pavement will turn into ice. This also means longer hours for plow drivers.

      â??We'll get called in whether it's Saturday, Sunday, whatever day of the week, holidays, and we'll get a crew together and everybody will take a route and try to keep the streets clean and clear," Hightshoe said.

      Since this year has been very cold, the night shift has been putting in extra time while the day shift thaws frozen pipes across the area.

      As always, the first streets to be cleared are the main roads. Due to the size of the roads, there can be more than one truck plowing at the same time which makes operations a little more complicated.

      "You really have to be paying attention to everything that the guy behind you might not see until it's too late. So communication is very, very important for us," Hightshoe said.

      It is tough to use patience when driving behind a plow truck, but driving too close or attempting to pass one could put yourself and others in serious danger.