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      How do teachers prepare for the school year?

      Many parents and children are back to school shopping now that school is a few weeks away. But teachers have to do a lot of preparing, too.

      The School Bell in Escanaba is a learning resource store that isn't as well known as it could be.

      While many folks hit big-name stores, others say they prefer personalized attention from locally-owned businesses, like The School Bell.

      â??I'm a teacher and I love teachers' stores because they're good for all kids," says teacher Judi Lindsey.

      Sheâ??s visiting from New Hampshire. Lindsey found a lot of good deals at this hidden gem, which has educational supplies for babies up to young teens.

      Back to school shopping isn't just for parents. Much of the store's clientele includes grandparents. But, of course, a lot of the shoppers are teachers.

      â??Well, Iâ??ve taught 16 years in this one school. I was also a tutor for Chapter One. What keeps me going? I mean, what could be more exciting than engaging the minds of the future?" Lindsey says.

      And there is certainly enough material, from educational toys, puzzles, and workbooks, to keep kids and teachers busy.

      â??This store is a great idea store because you can see things in a catalogue, and you're not exactly sure what it's going to look like. But you can come here and check it out," explains Anna Savage who works at The School Bell.

      But as the economy struggles to improve, more and more teachers have to pick up the load.

      â??Most of the schools, of course, because of the economy today, cannot afford to purchase things for their teachers. So to make life easier for ourselves, we go out and purchase it for ourselves," adds Savage, also a retired teacher.

      Still, it's a price well worth it for shoppers like Lindsey and others whose mission is to educate our future.