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      How do you get over a hangover?

      If you have spent a night out drinking, you might have had a hangover, but how bad can it be and what can you do about it?

      "Oh it's the worst. It's like having the flu, but a lot worse," said Amber Johnston.

      The best way to not get hung over is simply don't consume alcohol. However, when you do have a hangover, doctors say drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

      "Eat something light and easy to digest," commented Carolyn Spence. "Peanut butter on toast before going to bed works for me."

      "Steak and eggs with tomato juice," added Facebook fan, Trisha Walter.

      Doctors say you can take aspirin to relieve a throbbing headache. You can also avoid getting a hangover the night before.

      When you're out having drinks, you should remember moderation, so pace yourself. Experts say after having an alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water.

      You also might want consider the type of liquor you're drinking as experts say it also increases your chances of getting sick.

      "Now that's one area that has been studied. If you use equivalent amounts of alcohol, you have 33 percent more chance of having a hangover with dark-colored liquors versus clear-colored ones," said Dr. John Lehtinen.

      "Make sure you don't work in the morning. Give yourself a whole day, the next day, to relax and get back to normal," Johnston said.

      Experts say that if you are going to exercise with a hangover, make sure to stay hydrated.