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      How do you get your morning caffeine?

      Coffee shops around the country have so many pick-me-up options for caffeine fans out there.

      Stone's Deli in Escanaba features a cafà bar that serves up lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, and four different kinds of black coffee. Whether you brew it, grind it, or blend it, the caffeine options are endless. Espresso is especially powerful. The coffee used for it is ground more finely than regular coffee.

      â??I love coffee,â?? explained customer Amiel Kobasic. â??Since Iâ??m from Austin, Texas, I love strong coffee."

      Kobasic says one drink really gives her an extra boost.

      â??I really love mocha with a double shot of espresso," Kobasic said.

      The baristas say if you get a double espresso, it's like drinking two small coffees. Itâ??s a quick pick-me-up that's not too popular at this coffee house. More popular choices are lattes and cappuccinos. They're ordered more than regular coffee. They also have more caffeine than regular coffee.

      Ms. Kobasic says she's felt its effect before.

      â??It makes me overly alert. Personally, if I have too much caffeine, I get very energetic and very active, I guess you could say," Kobasic said.

      That's why she limits herself to two cups of coffee a day. But could she live without caffeine?

      â??I could give up coffee if I need to. But I would be disappointed if I came in and they said no coffee today," Kobasic added.

      She says drinking coffee helps increase her focus and energy. It's a morning ritual that's grown in popularity thanks to coffee shops that serve up so many options.