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      How does an ice breaker work?

      During the winter months, the USCG Katmai Bay is hard at work, breaking through ice up to three feet thick in the Great Lakes area.

      In the summer, they break the ice in a different way--by inviting the public to come aboard and see just how everything works.

      "We have a bubbler system, it's a 10,000 pound box that sits on the aft part of the ship, and what it does is it shoots air through the hole, and it provides lubrication for us to come up on the ice, kind of like how an air hockey table works," said Edward Nygeren of the USCG Katmai Bay.

      They chose to make the stop in conjunction with the 27th annual Seafood Fest to be available for the public, and for the crew to enjoy the event as well. They'll also make various other stops in the area during warmer months.

      Tours of the vessel, free and open to the public, started Thursday and will continue through Sunday at Mattson Lower Harbor.