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      How does Marquette work?

      If you've ever wondered how the city of Marquette operates, Tuesday is your chance to find out!

      The City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center is hosting an open house Tuesday night from 4 to 7 p.m. The entire lower level of Peter White Public Library will be filled with the people who keep Marquette running.

      The public will have the chance to meet police and firemen, the city manager, and city commissioners.

      City departments, the Downtown Development Authority, Marquette Board of Light and Power, the Superior Watershed Partnership, and the folks from Peter White Public library will all be present with displays and information.

      T here are even interactive displays, give-aways and snacks to keep the little ones interested.

      "If it's a department that someone's not familiar with, they're given an opportunity to kind of educate themselves on it and realize that there's more to this city and what makes it work than is at first glance," said Lieutenant Jeff Green, Marquette City Fire Department.

      Raffle prizes will be drawn for as well.