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      How is morel mushroom season looking?

      The Department of Natural Resources reports that you can probably find morels right now in the forests, but you'll have better luck when it's not so dry.

      Morel mushrooms typically grow for about two to three weeks, normally in May when forests are starting to get green. They can grow in many different areas, but are most commonly seen near Aspen and Birch trees.

      "If I were to look for morels in the Marquette area, we've had enough warm weather, you should be able to start finding morels," said Forest Health Specialist Bob Heyd. "So starting now, and probably for the rest of May, I would say after a rain in particular, I would go out and start looking for morels because May is morel month."

      Heyd says to beware of toxic false morels. He added that if you are ever unsure, cut them in half. True morels are completely hollow.