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      How much is Marquette General Hospital worth?

      Duke LifePoint Healthcare is trying to answer that question, concerning the hospital's taxable value.

      When MGH was purchased in September last year, it became a for-profit taxable entity. Both the city and MGH have had the property assessed, and MGH feels the city's assessment is about $230,000 too high.

      As a result, the hospital has filed an appeal with the state that could lead to a tax tribunal.

      "This is just the next step. If they felt like the taxable value that they were assigned was too high, then they can go through the Michigan tax tribunal, and that's really all this is, and the process if it does go all the way through. Then it could be a fairly lengthy process," said Gary Simpson, Marquette City CFO.

      At Monday night's Marquette City Commission meeting, discussion was expected to center around the city hiring legal council from outside of the area. That is because the city's current attorney, Ronald Keefe, has a conflict of interest.