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      How to keep a job and get a raise

      Job survival. It can be tough in this economy, and our Facebook fans wanted to know more. How can you keep a job if you're employed, and what can you do to get a raise?

      Some of our Facebook fans commented...the best thing you can do to keep that job is simply show up on time and complete your tasks.

      However, employers say the difference between a good employee and a mediocre one goes much deeper, especially when they've got to let someone go not based on behavior, but necessity due to the current economy.

      Sometimes surviving those cuts is as simple as avoiding current workplace 'faux pas.'

      One thing that can hinder a working reputation is keeping a cell phone out at work for purposes not related to work. Employers say that's also becoming more of a problem as well as other employee basics.

      "It sounds pretty simplistic, but getting people to just show up for work on time, consistently, is more of a problem as the years roll on than it's ever been," says President of Snyder's Drug Stores, Ron Caters. "If you do that, you're already in the top 50 percent."

      Michigan Works! says in advanced professional environments, you've got to shine by upgrading skills, taking continuing education classes and gaining certifications even if it's on your own time. There are skills that any professional can benefit from.

      "Competency in computer skills," said Al Hendra, board member for the Michigan Works! Job Force Board. "I think computer skills are just becoming a basic part of every job anymore."

      However, no matter how developed your skills are, they will only get you so far.

      "Skills can be taught; attitude is really not a teachable thing, it's in your gut," said Dan Torres, owner of Border Grill.

      Facebook fan Tracy Strong writes, "Positive people are nicer to work with than the ones who bring everyone down. I hate working with people who are downers."

      If you're already doing these things, you may be wondering, 'How can I increase my pay?'

      Raises are also harder to come by these days, but if it is a viable option for the company, make it clear you're doing more than what is expected.

      "If you want a promotion, the best way to do it is to already halfway know the job," Torres said.

      Employers say it is appropriate to ask the age-old question: "Should I ask my boss for a raise?"

      They say it's a good idea to bring up the subject if you feel you're deserving, that way you'll get an answer instead of being left in the dark. If it's not the answer you want, you can then work toward a direction that would make it possible for you to eventually achieve those goals.