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      How to protect your identity

      Recent reports of hackers getting into computer systems of major United States newspapers shows how vulnerable we can be at times.

      Identity theft is an issue that can hit anyone. You need to be cautious with how you deal with your personal information.

      It's estimated nine million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Income tax filing season is here, and identity thieves are at their strongest.

      Your personal identification, such as your social security number or your credit card numbers, can be stolen. Taking a couple precautions with this information can save your identity.

      "Using a public WiFi spot, the security isn't as good as using your own computer at home. So don't share sensitive information when you're on the road or even if you're at the local coffee shop. There are certain things you want to be careful with," said Russell Game, financial advisor. Don't give out information over the phone or Internet unless you're certain it's from a reliable source.

      As a resource, visit for a free report, to make sure there isn't any suspicious activity.