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      How to save money buying clothes

      Back to school clothes shopping can be a stressful time for those on a budget.

      Once a stay at home mom for many years, Gena Johnson knows a thing or two about bargain shopping.

      "Well it's difficult, with three children wanting to be in fashion, you need to get creative, so that's just what I did," explained Johnson.

      For Johnson, shopping at high-end clothing stores wasn't an option. Instead, the self-proclaimed "fashionista," turned to rummage sales and became addicted.

      "At rummage sales a lot of the time, people will do their spring cleaning for the clothing for the upcoming school year," Johnson said. "They dump all the kids' last year's school clothes, and you just get there and scoop them up."

      If a rummage sale is not being held near you, try a local thrift store.

      St. Vincent de Paul in Marquette offers items like jackets, boots, and accessories. Even brand name items can be found on the racks.

      "Kids grow so fast, and it changes all the time. The seasons are so different around here that you need a change of clothes all the time," said Stephanie Bordeaux, manager of Marquette's St. Vincent de Paul. "That gets quite expensive, (but) shopping here, you stay on a budget, you stay low price, and you get all the clothes you need for a fraction of the price."

      The close proximity of the discount store to Northern Michigan University makes it a big hit with college students.

      "You want to buy stuff. Like, you see something online that you want to buy, like a new pair of shorts, but you really can't afford it," said Connor Boudreau, a senior at NMU. "But you can get them here [St. Vincent de Paul], for like two bucks for the same value, same quality, even better quality sometimes."ã??