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      How to send wolves packing

      Seeing a wolf on your property can be intimidating, especially when they're eyeing up your livestock or family pets. DNR officials say that could be the reason wolves hang around.

      "Itâ??s either on a farm where there's livestock, and wolves realize they may want to use that as a food source," explains Debbie Munson-Badini, Michigan DNRâ??s Public Information Officer. "Another is in residential areas. People feeding deer draws wolves into town."

      Residents and farmers both have the right under state law to kill a wolf that's going after their animals. Munson-Badini adds that the DNR has ways to send wolves running for any resident that spots one on their property.

      "Noise makers, lights, all different things we could try to deter those wolves," she said.

      Other solutions include flagged fences that create noise, and also other animals, like guard dogs, llamas or donkeys.

      "They can call our 'report all poaching line' 24 hours a day and let us know whatâ??s happening," Munson-Badini said. "Our wolf specialist will determine what the best course of action is."

      DNR officials say only if all else fails and wolves continue to linger on your property will they consider a lethal method of elimination.