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      How to stay cool without air conditioning

      Are you tired of the heat, but don't have air conditioning? We took a look at some methods that could keep you cooler this summer.

      Step one is to keep the sun out. During the day, keep your blinds and curtains closed. The same goes for windows to keep the heat out, but you do need airflow, and fans are the best way to do that. Simple fans can be purchased at affordable prices, but not all residences allow them.

      "A lot of people in Marquette, there's a lot of rentals, therefore, you can't be just throwing up a ceiling fan, so a box fan works great," said Commercial Sales Specialist Jeremy Wright.

      For those of you looking for a little more than shade and some fans, there's a handy Do-It-Yourself article online that gives some interesting ideas. According to the site, you can make your own air conditioner with a little ice and a bucket.

      The article also gives some tips on how to correctly direct airflow through your home. To push the heat out, face a box fan out of a window during the day, and then face it inward at night.

      If the heat gets to be too much, you can always look at water as an alternative.

      "The pool in the backyard sounds like the game plan for the day," wrote Facebook fan Paula Tosava Croschere. "Suck up some rays while floating in the pool."

      For those of us without a pool, there are plenty of lakes around Upper Michigan. Just be sure to check the temperature before you decide to jump in to Lake Superior.

      (Ty Czarnopis contributed to this article.)