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      How to stay safe around plow trucks

      Marquette City plow drivers want motorists to be more cautious when out on the roads. They say whenever they are out, many drivers treat them like every other car. Others simply donâ??t pay attention.

      Eric Hightshoe, a Marquette heavy equipment operator, said there are only one or two car accidents with their plows a year. However, they encounter a number of close calls daily.

      "You really have to be on your game to be out of harm's way," said Hightshoe. "They put us in danger and also put themselves in danger."The biggest issue is drivers traveling in bad weather and road conditions. Also, many times, drivers get too close or impatient and try to get around.

      If you're traveling behind a plow truck, itâ??s important to stay 50 feet behind them--that's three or four car lengths away. Hightshoe said that distance keeps cars out of their "blind spot."

      These big plows need a lot of room to travel and turn. Drivers need to stop before intersection lines and park close to the curb and behind no parking signs.

      "Just a few feet make a big difference in these trucks," Hightshoe said.Lastly, the equipment operator said drivers need to stop texting and driving.

      "Put the phones away and drive," Hightshoe stated.Remember: when you see a plow truck, stay aware, away and safe.