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      How to stay safe during a bank robbery

      A victim's advocate with the FBI, an FBI agent, and a state trooper gave a seminar Thursday at Bay West College in Iron Mountain on what to do during a bank robbery.

      Bank employees from Dickinson and Iron counties attended. Police urged cooperation during a robbery and went over procedures of how to act before, during, and afterwards. Tips include complying with requests, while being observant of the weapon used, and the suspect's description.

      "We want them to be a good witness and to be safe in the event of a robbery at their institution," said Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post Commander, 1st Lieutenant, Greg Cunningham. "We want them to know what actions they can take to help law enforcement and help their institution be safe and to protect evidence, preserve the scene, and to be a good witness, and ultimately, catch the person responsible."

      Law enforcement officials said because of successful cooperation with the FBI, they caught four of the five people responsible for bank robberies last year.