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      How to stay safe during a flood

      What can you do to stay safe and protect your property in case of a flooding?

      Officials say always be aware of how fast the water level is rising. Get all important items from off the floor, and if water is getting on your property, get sandbags from a local retailer or check with Marquette Emergency Management.

      Move to a higher floor or ground if you get caught in a flash flood because officials say it's important to stay out of the water.

      "It may look like a few inches of drive in it and it could be several feet deep," said Gary Johnson of the Marquette County Central Dispatch. "So I would advise never driving through standing water. Any moving water, I think, over six inches has the potential of sweeping you off your feet."

      Officials say to report any flooding you see to your local law enforcement. They will be able to issue warnings or even close down roads for safety.