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      How track teams hurdled over unwanted weather

      Last week you would have been hard pressed to find someone brave enough to say that spring is here, but nevertheless, spring athletics kept pressing forward.

      â??It's really cold! Itâ??s hard some days, but you have to fight through,â?? said Olivia Berutti, an athlete on the Middle School team.

      In Iron Mountain, the track teams braved brisk afternoons at the Mountaineer Stadium, feeling a little bit like they got the shaft when it came to their spring season sport.

      â??Now that it's cold outside, it's harder to adapt, but once you do adapt, it's going to be much easier when it's warmer,â?? explained freshman, Tanner Huotari.

      They didn't lett the long winter get in the way of their practicing, and with the meets happening either way, they had to hurdle over the obstacle of uncomfortable weather. With the cold weather, however, coaches reminded athletes to layer up when practicing; the low temperatures can cause muscles to tense up.

      â??If it's cold, you might pull a muscle, because when your legs are warm, they stretch out more,â?? Berutti explained. â??So it's good that you wear pants and things like that."

      Although unwanted colder temperatures plagued spring sports last week, warm weather is finally returning to Upper Michigan allowing the athletes to practice the sport they love.