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      How you can you make extra money from your trees and moss?

      There's a business in Bark River that turns backyard greenery, like moss, trees, and branches, into cold, hard, green cash. It's called Teals Supply, and it's a family-run business that started in 1936. It runs year-round, but business is mainly in September, October, and November.

      Imagine earning an extra $20,000 a year. It's possible, and all you have to do is look around. With the approaching holiday months, vendors can make anywhere from $50 to several thousand for what's in their backyard, simply by bringing it to Teals Supply.

      The business will make about three miles of garland roping this holiday season. They can be made from balsam, cedar, pine, or a mixture of the three. Vendors also can bring in mosses and branches. The best thing to do is call, and bring in a sample.

      â??This is the first time Iâ??ve done it,â?? explains vendor Tommy Sweda. â??One of my buddies told me about it. I figured Iâ??d make a couple extra bucks."

      Three hundred dollars is how much the 1,500 pounds of balsam branches on Swedaâ??s truck will fetch.

      â??There's not really a limit,â?? explains Lori Lohrey, a partner at Teals Supply. â??As long as we like the product that they're bringing in, they can bring as much as we need."

      The company ships its products nationwide, but vendors who bring in the greenery are mainly local. So what's it like having such a unique business?

      â??The coolest thing is that my grandparents started it, and we have that connection. You know, it's a family-run business. So, as hard as that can be sometimes, it's also our passion. Itâ??s in our heart,â?? Lohrey says.

      Christmas will be the busiest time, so if you need some extra holiday money, just take a look at what's growing in your backyard.