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      Howdy partner, it's rodeo time again

      Rodeo lovers have something to be excited about this weekend...the seventh annual Great Lakes Rodeo at the Marquette County Fairgrounds.

      Campers are already lined up in preparation for the weekend's events, starting Friday, with a horseman skill competition. There will also be vendors, barn dances, and bounce houses.

      On Saturday, the rodeo begins and will feature a celebrity rider, Major John Kivela. All of the rodeo proceeds go toward child organizations in Marquette County.

      "Without the youth today, we don't have a tomorrow," said Jesie Melchiori of the Great Lakes Rodeo. "We need to encourage these kids to do things, find new hobbies, because without them, there's no tomorrow."

      In the past six years, the rodeo has raised over $13,000 for Marquette children.

      Tickets at the door are $12 for adults and $6 for kids up to 12.