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      Huge makeover for Breitung Schools

      Back to school will have a new feeling for Breitung Township students.

      Superintendent Craig Allen put their $5.8 million bond to work this past summer, kicking remodeling into high gear.

      â??It's a great feeling to know that we had a plan a couple of years ago to improve and build the school that's ready for the next several years, and working that vision has been really exciting,â?? says Allen.

      Everythingâ??s new from perfectly paved parking lots to lockers. Even floors were replaced or waxed and ready for school to start. Construction Manager Jim Ebli says he and his team are almost done with the renovations.

      â??We're pretty much wrapping up the electrical portion of the contract and mechanical upgrades,â?? says Ebli. â??We'll be done by the end of September with everything.â??

      Breitung Township Schools renovated:- Floors- Computer labs- Parking lots- Toilet partitions- Lockers- Roofs- Security systems and cameras- Tennis courts- Energy efficient heating and lighting

      Maintenance Supervisor Bill Evans says the lighting and mechanical upgrades will produce significant savings in both energy and dollars.

      â??Over 3,000 fixtures were replaced new T5 lights that are 65 percent more efficient,â?? says Evans. â??When they're on, we're saving 150,000 watts per hour.â??

      Evans says another saver is their new modulated thermal solution heating system.

      â??If it's zero degrees outside, that motor's running 100 percent, but if it's 40 degrees outside, that motor will slow down to maybe 25 percent,â?? Evans explains.

      Also over the next two years, all the blackboards will be wiped away and replaced with either SMART boards or interactive white boards.