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      Human trafficking infiltrates the U.P.

      Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. And according to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, it is a growing problem in the U.S.

      The American Association of University for Women's Federation Clubhouse hosted a presentation Thursday night on human trafficking.

      Kelly Laakso from the Marquette Women's Center and Amy Kordus of the Harbor House,presented to the women, explaining human trafficking is among us.

      Human trafficking is exploitation, either sexual or labor.

      "Human trafficking is the second largest, rapidly growing crime in the United States. Usually people will think of it outside our borders, but it has infiltrated all over the United States. There's been reports in every state," said Laakso.

      Laakso says Michigan is the fifth leading state. And for every one sexual exploitation, there are nine labor exploitations.

      The Women's Center says they have had reports of human trafficking here in the U.P. as well.

      Laakso and Kordus say we can all stop the spread of human trafficking by recognizing the signs.

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