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      Humane Society says it's legislation repeal, not hunting rights

      A petition is being circulated by the Citizens for Wildlife Management to protect, what they say, is their hunting rights. But the Humane Society of The United States, whom the petition is partially targeted against, said it's not about hunting rights. The Humane Society and the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected organization said they're simply concerned about repealing legislation that put wolves back on the game species. The Citizens for Wildlife Management organization, however, said they want the authority in the hands of the Natural Resources Commission. Their initiative is to protect their hunting and fishing rights from a larger organization, but the Humane Society said they're not attempting to violate those rights.

      â??Our two referendums have one goal and one goal only: to overturn newly enacted legislation that allows wolves to be designated as a game species,â?? said Michigan State Director for the Humane Society, Jill Fritz. â??It does not and cannot affect any other hunting legislation or hunting regulations,â?? Fritz said.

      For more information on the petition being circulated, visit their website here. Click here to visit the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected website.