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      Humboldt Township looks to use former government location

      Humboldt Township is looking to repurpose a former Cold War era government site. The site in question is the decommissioned Extremely Low Frequency, or ELF, site.

      The facility was used to communicate to submarines and was shut down by the U.S. Navy in 2004.

      Humboldt Township officials say the site has many unique features, such as holding tanks for water that could be used for fighting fires and generators, that could be used for back-up power in the event of a lengthy power outage.

      One of the plans for the area is to possibly create a disaster center.

      "We think that one of the buildings would certainly be well suited for some type of a shelter or center that would be great for the community," said Humboldt Township Supervisor Joe DeRocha.

      The township still has to wait for an environmental assessment review before receiving the site.

      If all goes well, township officials hope to have the facility in their possession by next spring.