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      Hundreds attend Easter services in Marquette

      Thousands across the country are celebrating the Easter holiday today. Many churches, such as Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marquette were filled with parishioners that had come to worship.

      The parishioners had the opportunity to attend three different services that combined elements both traditional and contemporary . Traditional and contemporary choirs joined together in song. The music contained a strong organ emphasis, with a trumpet accompaniment for their resurrection hymns.

      And of course, churchgoers were treated to the story of Easter; the celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the grave and conquering death itself.

      "Our bodies will be placed in the ground and God will one day lift them up. He'll perfect them and we will be joined body and soul with our savior Jesus which is body and soul. What a great celebration that will be. And, what a great celebration it is today." said Chad Ott, the Associate Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran.

      "Today it really hit me, eternal salvation and just how lucky we are as christians and as humans in general. To live in a world where we're loved so much and that we're promised a life in heaven with our lord." said parishioner Anna Dauffenbach.

      Just around 1300 people attended the three services throughout the day at Redeemer Lutheran.