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      Hundreds bike back roads of Delta County

      Bikers from all over hit the back roads of Gladstone. It's the 11th Annual Delta County Century Ride.

      Organizer Vickie Micheau says it's a great event.

      "This is just a really nice event for people who want to get out and get that last bike ride in before the winter weather sets in. So it's a great opportunity to see a lot of what Delta County has to offer," said Micheau.

      She also says it's not a race, it's just a fun activity for all.

      The ride starts at Gladstone Area High School and riders get to choose one of four routes with a 100k as the longest one and the shortest one a 25-mile ride.

      For Brenda Jacques, it's her first time participating with her daughter.

      "She likes to run; I don't really like to run. This is something we could do together, and she was coming up this weekend. I thought it was a good opportunity for us to do something together," said Jacques.

      The mother and daughter team will be taking on the 25-mile route.

      Jamie Keillor says she's excited to do it with her mom.

      "I'm excited! I'm looking forward to the day. I think we will enjoy it. It will be nice to do this race with her. I'm excited for the whole experience," said Keillor.

      Along the way, riders get a chance to stop at different rest areas for some snacks from local restaurants. After fueling up on energy, riders hit the road for the next stop.

      Many, like Glenn Moll, just enjoy the food.

      "It's pleasant, not real challenging, relatively interesting. The food stops are amazing," said Moll.

      Officials say more than 300 came out for the ride.